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Mustard thieves at Soriana

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Yesterday a neighbour reports that a guy was hanging around the ATMs at Soriana. After my neighbour got money the guy told him he had shit on his pants. Not possible. It was goop of some guy that the guy had squirted on my neighbour. My neighbour cleaned his pants and went to his car. The guy followed him there offering to clean his pants (and steal his wallet) but my neighbour got away.

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I was wondering when they'd return....With COVID, most people have been keenly aware of the distance between themselves and others.  Now that we're getting vaccinated, perhaps some are less diligent about this. 

Stay safe!

Val :)

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2 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

Will have to dig out my brass knuckle motorcycle gloves



they protect against knife slashes too.


senor I see some mierde on your clothes.  I see some sangre on your crushed nose. Maybe should call Policia?

I would go for the crossbow listed on this site or maybe the blowgun, since guns are mostly illegal here!!!

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I did charge up my zapper and am ready for the next one to reach into my "empty" purse.  I have sympathy and patience for a lot of things but a thief and a drug addict are the two I cannot tolerate. 

I was at Soriana's yesterday after dropping a car off for repair nearby. I looked around as I shopped but no one approached me.

Back to being super diligent, only carrying debit/credit card(s) when I know I will use it that particular day, wearing my cross the chest wallet, etc.

ARGH!!!  Stay safe everyone and be diligent.



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