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Telmex Bill

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It might be. It might not. It’s TelMex. One time I drove to the office in Ajijic to pay my bill on the day it was due. When I came home the bill was in my mailbox. I have received the bill early, late, and not at all. As I said, it’s TelMex. If you have a Mexican bank account you can pay on line. I have a friend with a Mexican bank account. When the bill is due and has not arrived by mail she will pay my bill on line and I give her cash. 

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 Go to the Telmex machine in Ajijic day before the due date. If you put your number in you'll see the balance. HOWEVER since we use our TM bill as "proof of address" and some places absolutely will not accept non-paper, I do call them in a pinch and they have sent me an email I can print.

Last month a kind TM person (in Spanish) walked me though getting it from mi cuenta, which I had registered ages ago but was NEVER able to get into. After trying with her on the line (no luck) she finally told me to change the PW to  first letter a CAPITAL.  Worked like a charm!  Printed. Of course, arrived 2 hours later.........      

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I hope you are all not telling me the ways I can pay my bill.  I have lived here 18 years and have seen everything Telmex, etc.,  can throw at us.   I suspect the Post Office is to blame for the delayed, late, missing bills.  The person who delivers the bill to my house is the man (I should remember his name) who was in the Ajijic post office all those years.  Now, he is in Chapala and somehow is expected to deliver our CFE and Telmex bills.    I still wonder when, or if I will receive my May Telmex bill........

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I registered my Telmex line at www.telmex.com which allows you to pay online.

I have both Telmex and Totalplay installed at the same time for redundancy.  The landlord pays Telmex and I pay for my Totalplay connection.  Totalplay is a new ISP that became available in Ajijic this month.  Totalplay is much faster though for me (500 megabits per second download, 500 megabits per second upload)



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I know dozens of new residents are having problems finding easier ways to pay bills!
To other readers (Xeno / Cronopio / etc):

You don't need an app to pay online!

If apps are having problems, this is an additional method for new residents of Lake Chapala area:

Instructions for New Residents

1. Get Physical Copy Of Telmex Bill (first-time only)
If you have never done this before, get a physical copy of the Telmex bill.

2. Go to Telmex website in any web browser, desktop or mobile
Google Chrome is preferred, because it has a language translator built in.
Go to https://telmex.com and click the "Person" icon     image.png.45b27b5a84e476a5521d38425b4bee56.png

3. Enable Language Translation
If you're using Google Chrome, you can translate the page:


4. Register if you haven't yet
If you do not have an online-payment account yet, register first!
That's where your physical bill comes in handy.  If Telmex is in your landlord's name, just make sure you get your landlord's permission to register to pay the bill online. 

5. Log into your Telmex Page
Use the password you registered the account with in step 4.
"Forgot Password" is also a great way to reset your non-working password too, if you have access to the email.

6. Pay The Bill
Now you can easily pay for the bill!


7. Payment Methods Accepted
The next page doesn't translate successfully, but it's still easy to click:


8. Card Information Screen.

Future Telmex bills become downloadable in PDF format.
So you can save trees, too.

Hope this helps!

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