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Dr. Jorge Arturo Barba Martín. His office is in the medical center at Puerta de Hierro Sur but our first appointment was scheduled at Chapala Med. 

Traumatología y Ortopedía



cel 33 1410 0920 


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It really depends on what your problem is. As a person who played hockey[even once here] for 51 years and other sports,I found no special sports doctor here but have had good treatment for sports injuries from Gonzales,ortho surgeon[now at SAT] and Jorge Ulloa physiotherapist who among other things was the trainer for a pro soccer team in spain. the foto is of a hip pointer I sustained in my first practice before an exhibition game at Chapala carnaval 2013 and subsequently also diagnosed[MRI]with 3 collapsed  discs.

my ass after practice.jpg

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33 minutes ago, CHILLIN said:

Looks like you had some serious brain damage. That explains a lot.

Are you speaking from your own experience as usual? You already know that there is a Psychiatrist at Quality care  so why don't you make an appointment for treatment of the bothersome obsession that you have been wallowing in for some 20 years. Some of us are trying to help Zeb find a doc familiar with sports injury.

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I have met Zeb a couple times, along with her departed husband Kirk (RIP) She is attractive but diminutive in stature. I just can't imagine what he could have done to herself to warrant a full blown Sports Medicine doctor. Massage therapist maybe. Mr. Max, from Puerto Vallarta, is considered one of the best Sports Doctors in the world.

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Here is Dr. Max's website. He and an buddy from Seattle went to Germany to study the latest breakthrough in surgery, etc. Also learned German. He started his practise in Puerto Vallarta, his friend in Seatlle. They pionerred the idea that your joint should start moving as soon as possible after an operation. His friend became hugely successful in this field, bringing elite athletes back to the playing fields in record time. Dr. Max is President of the American University in Puerto Vallarta, and is known as a motivator and role model for so many of the students there.


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Dr. Ernest Codman originated the Codman's Pendulum exercises for patients that have had shoulder surgery. The exercises are designed to be used as the first
post-operative treatment to help prevent seizure of the joint during healing. I had shoulder surgery in 2002 and the exercises were prescribed for me shortly after release from the hospital. Dr. Codman was born in 1869.

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