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Full spectrum, Indica cbd oil.

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Hello everyone. 

Where can I get some?  I have a medical mj card in US and moved here in April, but at the moment I m having severe anxiety and insomnia w/o this medication.  Pharmaceuticals are addicting and quite frankly had little to no effect. Thanks, Roo

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Just be aware that there are no testing facilities in Mexico so there is no certificate of purity (aka freedom from mold, pesticides etc.) or concentration. That said, many of us were buying from NuLeafNaturals in the U.S. and having it shipped in through Alex Peterson. The pandemic put a real kibosh on that. I'd share but I need it too and am hoarding. 

If you were making your own RSO at home, then you can do that here too. You just have to state exactly which strain you were using and somebody MAY pm you if they have a supply. 

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