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Vaccine NOB with a Glitch

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First I would like to thank those who offered constructive help in how to go NOB for the vaccine. I have already personally thanked one individual in private who was particularly helpful but I would rather not mention that name.

We thought we had everything worked out....the antigen tests, air reservations, hotel reservations. and vaccination appointments. But, before landing in San Antonio, we received an email that our appointments were rescheduled for the day after our return to Chapala. So, we had a bit of panic for the rest of the flight.

But. we had a good ending. We stayed up last night and found a closer vaccination site with the vaccine we wanted. From the time we left the hotel and the time we returned it took less than 90 minutes.

For those of you interested in trying to get the vaccine in the US., this is the way to go. We could not deal with the uncertainty of getting our second dose of Sinovac. If I can help in any way, please send me a personal message and I will help if I can. I choose not to respond to messages within this topic as before much time passes, the thread will change to something far from its original purpose.....which is to let people know even the best plans can throw you a curve ball so be flexible. 

In advance, I apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors. I am using a laptop that I am unfamiliar with using. 

Good luck with making plans NOB.

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3 hours ago, Guiness said:

We are on our way to Dallas tomorrow morning to get our Johnson and Johnson one dose vax. We are Canadians and Texas has zero problem proving vax to foreigners. Good luck everyone.


Would you mind telling us where in Dallas you are getting the vaccine, and is there anyone we can call to make an appointment.. 

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H-E-B grocery stores/pharmacies across Texas are offering easy-to-make appointments for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  They even permit walk-ins without appointments between 3:00-5:00 pm, M-F, where vaccines are available.  Refer to site below for further details.



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Here's an easy way to find vaccine availability in the US based on zip code. I needed to turn my VPN on, as it gives me an error message "Error: unable to load results" if I don't.

Plug in your desired zip code, then you can check the boxes to sort by the vaccine you want: Pfizer, Moderna, J&J. The real-time availability (or lack thereof) pops up by address. The website is vaccines.gov

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I also recommend going on FaceBook and searching for groups with the term "vaccine hunters (state or city)." We used that back a month ago, when vaccines were scarce, and still had an appointment in 15 minutes for J&J!

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