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Massage Therapist Recommendations

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I have searched the forum and there are recommendations and comments about different professionals, however, some of those date back to 2015 and the not much recent.

If anyone has any recommendations from recent experience, I'd appreciate it.

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On 5/3/2021 at 2:37 AM, Aimee918 said:

Kim Campbell is amazing, but is often booked way out. Okay to message me for ideas about how to reach her. 

I'd also recommend Karren Louise.

I did message you.  However, why not just post the information right here?

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Zeb, I saw your message- forgive me- I’ve been having a crazy-busy week and just need a little time to respond.

I didn’t post here because I wanted to be sure these therapists would agree to a public posting of their contact information.

I’ll respond to your pm in the next day or two.

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Isa - she has been coming to my home to give me massages for over a year now. I think she is wonderful.

She does relaxing and deep massage- your choice. Also does manicures and pedicures

Precious lady, speaks perfect English.

Phone and WhatsApp: 332 237 5392

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