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Pfizer Shipped from US to Mexico

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Pfizer Inc’s shipment of COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico this week includes doses made in its U.S. plant, the first of what are expected to be ongoing exports of its shots from the United States, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday.

The vaccine shipment, produced at Pfizer’s Kalamazoo, Michigan plant, marks the first time the drugmaker has delivered abroad from U.S facilities after a Trump-era restriction on dose exports expired at the end of March, the source said.

The U.S. government has been under mounting pressure in recent weeks to provide surplus vaccines to other nations desperately in need as it makes swift progress vaccinating its own residents. Many countries where the virus is still rampant are struggling to acquire vaccine supplies to help tame the pandemic.

Wealthy governments have been trying to stock up on COVID-19 shots from Pfizer and Moderna Inc because of their extremely high efficacy and after safety concerns and production problems temporarily sidelined vaccines from AstraZeneca Plc and Johnson & Johnson.

Pfizer has shipped more than 10 million doses to Mexico so far, becoming its largest supplier of COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer and German partner BioNTech SE have been supplying other countries with doses from its main European production plant in Belgium.

Mexico’s health ministry said it is receiving 2 million doses from Pfizer this week. It has received more than a million doses from Belgium since Wednesday and expects around another million this week. Reuters could not confirm if all the remaining Pfizer doses would come from Michigan.

Pfizer will use extra capacity in its U.S. facilities to deliver shots abroad while continuing to meet its commitment to supply the United States, the source said, adding that the drugmaker will also make shipments from Belgium.

Pfizer has said it will be making up to 25 million shots each week in the United States by mid-year, which is more than it needs to meet its commitment to deliver 300 million doses to the United States by the end of July.

The company expects to produce as many as 2.5 billion vaccine doses in 2021 and already has agreements to supply more than a billion to governments around the world.

A deal Pfizer signed with the White House last year had barred it from shipping doses made in the United States to other countries until after March 31, according to the source and a U.S. official, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the press.


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Certainly a step in the right direction.... but wonder how long it will take to filter that cold-storage vaccine down to places like Lakeside. I understand that the U. of Guadalajara can accommodate those low temps in some of their fridges but the logistics to get the vaccine "far afield" might be more than Mexico can pull off at this time.

Guess I'm too lazy to try and fine it, but does anyone know the percentage of Tapatios that have received the required # of shots depending on source?


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Pfizer vaccine was given at the University of Tlajomulco 2 weeks ago for anyone over 60 from anywhere. A number of people from this area, including me, got the first jab there. 

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3 hours ago, RickS said:

How did you learn of this opportunity?



From the FaceBook group,  'Gringos Ajijic &. Lakeside'. I rarely use FaceBook, but recently I have for Covid updates. I happen to check at 11 pm one night and learned about these vaccines. Took off at 7:45 the next morning to Tlajomulco, 1 hr drive, stayed in my car the whole time even for the jab, waited in my car 30 minutes with the occasional visit from a med student to see if I was ok. Out of there in less than an hour. Took me longer to get home because I got lost! 

Sadly, social media seems to be the only way to be informed, which is tragic for many people who don't use it, or don't have relatives to inform them. I was able to tell my Mexican neighbor about the 2nd vaccine in Jocotopec so he could go the last day. He had gotten no notice, even though he got his first jab there. Others I have informed about registration being open for 50-59 year olds. This is absolutely not right, but I am relieved I could find out about it. Guess FaceBook is good for something!

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