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Expired FMM to Temporary Resident


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In Queretaro, expats with an expired FMM are applying for Temporary Resident. Be very careful, as applicants are fraudulently giving an utility bill with a Queretaro address. In some cases INM staff are asking for a 3000 pesos bribe. If caught, you could be deported.
I have also gone to INM in QRO, and confirmed the need for an utility bill. I have proof of the request for 3000 pesos from several expats.

The con artist is Guy Courchesne from Mexico City working with a lawyer in Queretaro. To make matters worse all INM fees are paid at once instead of just the review fee of 1410 pesos. So if denied you get no refund. And, at that point he asks for a 3000 pesos bribe and you are so committed financially you pay it.

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6 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

So you are saying that this Courchesne is providing them with fake utility bills?

Utility bills that are not here. But he also has them pay at the bank review fee plus fine plus visa fee at once to the bank. Anyone smart pays only review fee to see if approved as no refunds are given. Once that amount is paid, he says, ohhh INM needs 3000 pesos to make it happen as they know you do not really living in the state of QRO. So people are between a rock and a hard place. Pure fraud. INM in Mexico City is aware.

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