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And since the USA has decided not to "share", or even allow Pfizer plant to export to other countries  (HEY JOE:   C'mon Man!!)  even though it has more in the pipeline / inventory than it can use and is using, Canada is using 4 months between jabs for all vaccines.     It isn't a digital switch, 1 or 0, in fact there is some data showing a later 2nd dose can be just as effective, if not more so, than an earlier one.     Time will tell.      

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15 hours ago, MichaelMorris said:

Hopefully this article will help us feel a little more at ease.


The article discusses only Pfizer and Moderna.  Not Sinovac. Sinovac completely different type of vax than Pfizer or Moderna.  Apples, oranges.  

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