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Pipas in the area?

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There is a water plant west of San Juan Cosala on the south side of the carretera (east of Senderos del Lago) that has their own well  There number was 387 763 0036. They deliver pipas of water. I've toured their plant and checked their water-it is very clean. The name is Jocotepec Agua Purificada or something similar. They also supply garrafons of water.

There is another in San Juan Cosala 387 761 0372 or 3314130313 but the truck is ancient and cannot make it up steep hills when loaded. 

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Expect the cost of pipas to rise dramatically shortly if they have not already done so.  Conagua has just hit commercial water takers on the Chapala aquifer with a 300% increase in extraction tariffs - from $3.25 pesos per cu. mtr. up to around $9.4 pesos per cu. mtr.  If you get your water from an illegal (unregistered well) or hose dipped into the lake, you are lucky.  Don't know what the levies on the Municipal wells (ie. SIMAPA) have increased by.

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The water plant just east of El Chante on the south side of the carrtera that produces Jocotopec brand garafons delivers 10,000 liter pipas. Nice clean water-I toured their plant. They have their own well. 387 763 0268 0pen 24 hours

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