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Vaccinations this week at Ajijic ??

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This is the week I was told we would receive our second vaccination in Ajijic.  I was also told that we would be called. 

So far, the silence is deafening. Anyone with information pertaining to the second vaccination in Ajijic please let us know.  PLEASE, keep your posts to the specific topic.  We do not need to hear what is happening in the U.S., Puerto Vallarta, or Guadalajara.  

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14 minutes ago, Ferret said:

I think that's last week's announcement.

Yes it still is last week's

11 minutes ago, BeanRoy said:

And of course she specifically said We do not need to hear what is happening in the U.S., Puerto Vallarta, or Guadalajara.  

In fairness, that site  is where THIS week's schedule will come up when they get around to it....and no doubt  places announced will not be specific to Lakeside,  but will include ALL areas for THIS week.

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6 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

2nd doses have happened in all the small towns, so it should happen here as well.  

Actually, that is incorrect. Statewide, most seniors are awaiting their second shots. It appears that the cry to vaccinate private medical workers and teachers (so some schools can open in person on May 17) has bumped the anticipated schedule.

Tonalá announced this afternoon the second-dose Covid-19 vaccines are Tues-Fri of this week; alpha order and only 5 locations (down from the original 11.)


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My relatives received their second doses 2 weeks ago.  People from Chapala that went to Mezcala have received their second doses. Etzatlan (one of the first towns vaccinated) received their second doses over a month ago. Puerto Vallarta 2nd doses started April 6th. Also Jamay, Poncitlan, Arandas, Cañadas de Obregón, Mexticacán, Ojuelos, San Diego de Alejandría, San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, San Julián, San Miguel el Alto, Tepatitlán de Morelos, Unión de San Antonio, Valle de Guadalupe and Villa Hidalgo  have received their second doses.

It will happen here. 

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1 hour ago, MtnMama said:

This was posted a few hours ago from Hector Espana. FB won't let me cut and paste the text, but you don't need to be on FB to read it.

vaccine info update

Here it is, 

Chapala EXPAT Liaison
Buenos Dias a Todos! To keep you best informed about the status of our municipality here are the official stats as of yesterday at 1 p.m. Unfortunately, we have had 506 official covid cases.
Please all continue individual responsibility for the safety of us all.
To give you an answer to all those people who have been calling me and sending messages, the only official information at this moment is that there is no date for the second vaccines in our municipality.
Even the regional director of the state board of health has no information! However, he has announced that there will be no FIRST vaccines given during the SECOND round as the delivered shots will be based solely on the first round records. 
We will publicize anything we get officially as soon as we get it!
For those who missed the first round, please remember you will NOT be served during the second round. However, when they do the next age group (Allegedly) end of april, you will be served. 
Only the servidores know if they will give you any priority. We have not seen them doing so to date. 
For the homebound we have seen that arrangements can be made with the servidores to come to the house, but, the municipality has no part in executing this. We will try to make arrangements with the servidores and forward information as soon as we get it.
Always your friend Hector Espana!

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From Informador on line a few moments ago:

La madrugada de ayer, el titular de la dependencia estatal, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, destacó que de los biológicos que llegaron a la Entidad, 102 mil 960 corresponden al laboratorio Pfizer-BioNTech y 27 mil 600 a la farmacéutica Sinovac.

English:  (salient points only)       "...... yesterday.... vacc's that arrived in Guad include.......27,600 Sinovac...."

If it's true that Tonalá got Pfizer 1st doses, then I think we might still have hope that Lakeside could be added to the vaccination web site by tomorrow....???.... unless they use all these Sinovac's for the teachers' mass event being staged.

Stay tuned folks!!!


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The information below was sent to me by a friend last night through WhatsApp.  It was in Spanish.  What follows is the Google translation.

Sofia Medeles - One month after the application in Chapala of the first dose of the Sinovac vaccine against Covid-19, for adults over 60 years of age, the date for the next application has not yet been determined, according to the director of the Health Region. IV Cienega-La Barca, Ramiro Gil Perez.
Ramiro Gil pointed out that there is no date due to the poor organization of the National Vaccination Plan, since the doses that are arriving in the Sanitary Region are sent to the municipalities that remain to be covered but, as it progresses, he believes that the week next they already have news about how they will proceed.
The servants of the nation, in many cases, made the mistake of marking 21 days in the vouchers of the elderly for the next vaccination, without really knowing when the next one will be, affirmed Ramiro Gil; However, he assured that the second dose can be applied between the following 21 to 42 days, although -as time goes by- the effectiveness decreases in its percentage of protection against the disease.
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Last week I was misinformed by a bilingual Mexican that they were giving the 2nd shots that day and he advised me to get down there, so I went.  What I found was only 2 Servidores working outside the little purple bldg. on the malecon, and all they were doing is getting people's paperwork in order so it doesn't have to be done on the day of shots, greatly extending the time spent that day.  So, my paperwork is in order, I have the proof of my 1st shot.  They said they don't know the specific location that will be used for Ajijic because they had logistical problems with that site because of people entering from all sides, etc.  They said there would not be appointments for the shots, but rather, the days they are given will be divided up by the alphabet, so you go on the day of the First letter of your Last name.  That information will be posted on the gov. websites already used.  This info is from an Involved Party.

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The interim presidente municipal earlier this week petitioned the state to identify the Parque de la Cristianía as the ONLY location for upcoming Covid-19, citing the confusion and disorder at the other locations used for shot 1 of Sinovac. I read the original request, but haven't seen any response from the state authorities.

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For those on Facebook, I recommend the group "Chapala Health Talk."  It has been an excellent resource for current info.  They have been posting daily updates about vaccine availability (or lack thereof), government announcements/statistics, and daily status on the state of cases lakeside.  

For those not on Facebook, I'm sure as soon as there's something official, someone will post it here.  But all indications now are there is no info on the when or the where for a second shot.  Except to say that when it is offered, it is reported that it will only be for those who have received the first shot.  Those who missed the first shot will not be included in this round.  

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Chapala acting Presidente posted a video about an hour ago.  He basically said, STOP asking  us when the 2nd dose will be here.  He HOPES next week, says there will be locations in both Chapala and Ajijic and they will be organized by first letter of your last name.  

Read about here at the Chapala Covid-19 FB group,  https://www.facebook.com/groups/188028949308907/announcements

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Reported by many the second jab is about 7 to 8 weeks after the first. Our second in San Luis Potosi was on Wed. and was 7 1/2 weeks apart. They told us it would be only 3 weeks apart. Isn't it administrated federally not by the states?

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1 minute ago, AlanMexicali said:

Reported by many the second jab is about 7 to 8 weeks after the first. Our second in San Luus Potosi was on Wed. and was 71/2 weeks apart. They told us it would be only 3 weeks apart.

Longer isn't necessarily better, depending on vax. 


Duque, during the COVID-19 task force's weekly briefing with President Rodrigo Duterte, said those who have already been inoculated with Sinovac's vaccine will get the second dose after 28 days.  For Sinovac, we have already reserved the second dose.  For the simple reason that the interval between the first and the second dose is only 28 days," he explained.


Health Ministry spokeswoman Or Vandine stated in a voice audio message on April 9 that for Sinovac and Sinopharm, the second dose should be taken between 14 to 28 days after the first. She did not reply to questions about discrepancies in research and recommendations.

The director of Phnom Penh’s National Pediatric Hospital, Nhep Angkeabos, said his hospital was providing Sinovac to civil servants on a flexible timescale, with the second dose possible as early as two weeks after the first.

“For the second dose of Sinovac and Sinopharm, [dose intervals for] both are the same — between two weeks to four weeks — but if people come on the third week it is better than two weeks,” Angkeabos said.

“This is based on a test from Chinese laboratory,” he added. “We just followed the laboratory and the medicine producing factory. We just follow their advice.”

Li Ailan, World Health Organization representative to Cambodia, said Sinovac currently recommends that the second dose of its vaccine be delivered after 30 days “in routine settings,” though the second dose can be given after two weeks “in an emergency context.” She added that Sinopharm advises 21 to 28 days between doses.

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