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Sirens going west at 07.50.

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They do it early in the mornings on the weekends around here.  Apparently the bomberos can't write them up for it and they know there are no government enforcers around early and on weekends.  Have one up the hill from me who does it every Saturday 7AM regular as clock work.

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There is the smell of smoke in our neighborhood on a regular basis.  The need to burn is partly for ag reasons as the local farmers clear brush this time of year in order to plant for the rainy season.  It is the way it's done here and I don't begrudge them for continuing to do it.  But most of the stinky smoke comes from trash and brush from construction sites and gardeners tasked with getting rid of yard debris.  This I can partly blame on the local government for not providing places and ways to eliminate trash without burning it.  Most of the construction guys don't have the ability to haul to the sanitary landfill out past Santa Cruz and there is no green waste dump site for creating compost and the regular trash truck won't pick up garbage at the building sites.  So that leaves them having to burn trash and green waste.  If the city wants to enforce the rules (which they should but probably never will) then they should have alternatives in place for the offenders.  Alan

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