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Price of propane

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There was nothing on the Facebook link that I could find about pricing. In general, I think it's not so much about the price but the honesty of the guys putting it in the tank. Some are charlatans. We all have our favourites but mine is Javier with Los Altoss. I call him and he or one of his sons arrives promptly. There is always a Los Altoss truck hanging about my street usually parked in the shade with the driver snoozing. I NEVER use him because he's a cheat. 

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1 hour ago, Bob Liu said:

I did. It’s a Facebook link, and I don’t use it.
I thought I’d be glad to share if I do know the price of propane.
Forgot that everyone was once a newbie?!

Sorry, I didn't notice it was a Facebook link. I don't use Facebook either. I don't live Lakeside, and don't know if the cost of propane varies in different areas, but I use the cylinders, not a stationary tank, and I just paid almost 700 pesos for a cylinder. But not sure how many litres the big cylinders are.

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9 minutes ago, Jubilacion said:

Two weeks ago in Tlachichilco $12.70 MX/liter. Keeps creeping up due to what I read was RV craze in the States - motor homes and trailers - needing the fuel for cooking. And of course Mexico gets 60% of its propane from the US. Google it.

I've read that propane had a large run up in cost due to Covid restrictions at bars/restaurants. A lot of NOB establishments have tried to keep as many customers as possible by using propane heaters on their outdoor patios.

Don't know if there are numbers to prove that or not??

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Although there are a lot of folks using RVs these days... and the Industry had a bumper sales year.... I doubt that this fact is driving up the International price of propane. Propane prices are generally stable, rising some each year. Propane can be stored in tanks whereas natural gas gets produced and sent right into the supply chain. The recent debacle in the south (Texas/Okla/La/etc) caused an unusual situation with regards to fuels. This is more likely the cause for any unusual hike in propane pricing. 


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Because Mexico gets so much of its propane from the U.S. and there was a recent supply disruption due to weather there there has been a bump in prices.  Will that go back down in a few months?  Maybe at least some.

Of course if Mexico ended the Pemex monopoly on petro energy they might not have to import over half their propane...

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On 4/8/2021 at 2:10 PM, blankletmusic said:

I'm curious as well. What is the average cost to fill the normal- sized tank now? Not sure of the capacity, they're the common size most houses have.

There is no "normal" size. There are different sizes. Your question is like asking "how much does it cost to fill a normal car gas tank.. the size most cars have"

I have a 170 liter tank. One neighbor has a 300 liter tank the other neighbor has a 500 liter tank. I am sure there are other sizes.... no "normal"

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