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To Those vaccinated in Ajijic without receipt


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Where is the computer lab!? 


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It's a little concrete building in the park. I fear this may start a whole new set of problems: open for 5 hours to hand out receipts to hundreds and hundred of people who spent up to 12 hours in line last week. And there will be hundreds who haven't heard about his yet. I hope they remain available for distribution from now on.

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Hector, the Chapala EXPAT Liaison who initially posted the info, now says: 
Save the Nation is a no show and not answering the Delegados calls.We. apologize ,but, it is out of our control
As soon as we know something we will post here. So sorry! Your friend Hector!


The Guadalajara Reporter, however, says you can go next week to the old City Hall in Chapala and pick up.
Persons who were vaccinated in Ajijic last week and did not receive an official comprobante (voucher) verifying that they got the shot will be able to pick up the document today, Thursday March 25 and tomorrow, March 26, according information provided by Chapala government officials early this morning.
The location is the Biblioteca Virtual, the lavender-colored computer module situated next to the restrooms at the Ajijic Malecón, that will reportedly be open from 9 a.m. until at least 2 p.m.
Individuals who were vaccinated or representatives going in their place will be asked to show an official identification (Mexican INE voter credential or INM foreign resident card) of the shot recipient.
Interested parties who are unable to appear on the above dates are advised to go instead next week to the Servidores de la Nación reception desk at Chapala´s Antigua Presidencia (former town hall) located on Avenida Madero next door to Banamex, open weekdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
English-speakers may best stay up to date by following posts by Héctor España on the Chapala Expat Liaison Facebook page.
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Just now, Joyinmexico said:

 POST YOLANDS PHONE NUMBER HERE!  This effects 1000s!     Last minute disregard for my second shot is upsetting, and many cannot make it.

Not sure who Yolanda is, but as Floradude said, don't want to be her right now. Might be better to wait until we find out.

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