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Good morning you lovely people,

My wife and I are planning our third trip Lakeside but this time with a plan to have some elective surgery done.

I have scoured this webboard for plastic surgery advice and most of what I have found is old and many of the suggestions are no longer around...ie Casita Montana and Anne Dyer!

It looks like most of the information got PMed which we would welcome.

In any event, we'd love to hear any names that we could explore!!

Thank you in advance for your help!

David Rodwell

WInston Salem, NC

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There is a very talented plastic surgeon, but it will take time to track him down. He has a celebrity practise in Guadalajara, but he lives in Ajijic. He is on call emergency surgeon at El Chante Jocotepec community hospital, but also on call at the Emergency at the new San Antonio Hospital. His name is Dr. Ivan (pronounced ee van) You will have to call SAH to get a hookup. He speaks perfect English.

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Hubby had to have several hernias repaired and Dr. Ivan was the surgeon (at that time, we were members of SAH). I commented afterwards that I had never seen such tiny and precise stitches. I didn't know that Dr. Ivan was a cosmetic specialist. It's been over a year and you would never know that work was done...it healed that cleanly. Dr. Ivan's English is good, he's very down-to-earth/approachable and his work is, well, beautiful! We really recommend him. 

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On 3/23/2021 at 1:16 PM, Tingting said:

I commented afterwards that I had never seen such tiny and precise stitches

Good suturing technique is something that is somewhat dependent on a lot of practice. Emergency room docs are generally much better at it than GPs because they are required to do it much more often.

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Don't get patched by the Emergency doctors at Cruz Roja. You will come out looking like Raggedy Andy. Even the Roja ambulances will ask, wouldn' t you prefer to go to San Antonio Hospital. Go there!

The money I saved from going to Cruz Roja I should spend on getting scars fixed. But as our family friend, Ms.C, points out,our faces will be a sea of wrinkles and scars soon enough. Universal Health Care in Mexico definetely leaves scars.

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