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Registering for vaccine


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1 hour ago, Guiness said:

After completing all the information about location, phone etc, I get as far as SEND , , them nothing happens..

What am I doing wrong?

You're not bothering to see the thread covering the subject.

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1 hour ago, artsnob said:

i had the same problem, l switched from Google Chrome to Safari and it took me all the way thru, i am now registered, they sent message that because l am 80 l will be in first group...

I hope you get it before the summer. Good luck.


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1 minute ago, Guiness said:

I get all the way to send, them it doesn't send.

I registered both of us this morning, please read my post from this morning on the other thread about registering.  I did not see an option for "send".  Once I entered CURP, and other information, I clicked on the box to register.  It took a few seconds, but, a page came up with our Folio # and statement that we had registered.  

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3 minutes ago, Guiness said:

I enter the curp number, press confirm curp. Info comes up, I add I'm my address, phone numbers etc.., then at bottom of page , box says send. Nothing happens? 

I must be doing something wrong. 


It might take a minute or more. Are you not waiting? Did you look for the PDF file after you sent it somewhere else in downloads or notifications?

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This morning the NPR "Morning Edition" radio news program from the USA commented about ". . . disastrous roll-out of the computerized vaccine registration system for seniors, which kept crashing the first 3 days it went on-line last week."  After the broadcast I went to the web site and and registered myself in about one minute.  I don't like it when news programs reach for the bad news and forget to report about positive developments.  
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Mexico's Ambitious COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy Falls Into Disarray
NPR Morning Edition 9 Feb. 2021

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