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1 hour ago, cedros said:

There is something wrong that i get the first screen that says "Tengo 60 años cumplidos y me quiero vacunar:"

.......We have both had our CURP numbers for about 10 years.  My CURP number has been triple checked. Why does it say I am under 60 when my CURP clearly says I was born in 44? What can I do to get past this glitch.

Last night I got in with my CURP, but site said hubbie's was wrong.  Finally went to CURP site and discovered (I guess) that while he had had his since 2002, it was done before we became Mx citizens. 

When I entered his "old" CURP, the site automatically updated to the "new" one they had given him at time of naturalization but never told us.  So we've been using the "wrong" one for him ever since... including when getting INE cards, new Mx passports,  driver's license, etc.  ???

The only change in his new one is (apparently) one letter---- changing him from Male or Masculino to Hombre. Anyway, I used the new one and it worked. 

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On 2/4/2021 at 11:23 AM, Mostlylost said:

Here is CURP info.  To avoid errors in submitting if you have  the PDF just cut & paste your clave from the document 


Im my case the last two numbers of my CURP are 06. (Homoclave?) Is the 0 a letter or number? 

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6 minutes ago, cedros said:

Thanks . What is homoclave?

The last 2 numbers on your CURP are the homoclave.  There are different homoclaves on official identification types like your RFC. They are probably computer generated. Designed so if someone has the same information as you in their name etc . it will eliminate duplicates

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22 minutes ago, MichaelB said:

Thanks all, I have been trying since Tuesday using Chrome but read her and try Edge, I did and it worked 1st time. I do not understand why they would not make the website compatible with Chrome, But this is Mexico.

Thanks again and good luck to all.

Not only Mexico, you would be surprised at how many still will not accept Chrome. Even doctor e-visits.


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5 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

When I go to site, this is first screen I see, before I enter anything. 

vax screen.png

That is what I was trying to post above. The first screen says I am less than 60 years old. Which is  not true.

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5 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

What you need to do is take a copy of each CURP, and your Resident card to the  Registro Civil on the plaza in Jocotepec and ask if they can  correct the problem. 

That might be worth a try in Joco next week.

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3 hours ago, bmh said:

same hapen to us..It updated us to naturalized bu

t there was no change in the number 

I perhaps dind't make myself clear.  Since I had NEVER had a CURP prior to being naturalized, in my case there was nothing to update..... and I didn't have to go to the new page at all. In HIS case, he had it 4 years prior.  That's the only thing I can guess.

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