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Bone Broth iso homemade


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52 minutes ago, Ferret said:

Trying to let my fingers do the walking here...

Does anyone know if Homemade (beef) Bone Broth is available at the Tuesday Market or ? I do not want a mass produced commercial product that contains preservatives and/or MSG.

T.I.A. !

It's so easy to actually do it yourself in your own home-no?

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The stock cubes have msg in them. Gives me violent headaches. And I'm looking for BEEF bone broth. Each has its own health benefits...


So, beef bone broth is better for gut health... and your gut is 80% of your immune system.

And off to the butcher I go...

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Try to find a supplier of beef neck bones. Braise them then boil them. They are a delicious treat for the cook (and doggies), and also make the best broth. I don't like bones with too much marrow in them, they give off a greasy taste.

The smell of broth making is the smell of home. Especially if you are surrounded by dogs when you are stripping a chicken, beef or lamb. The look of dreaming in their eyes, hoping you will drop a morsel. If they are sickly, they drink up every drop of the broth.

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I got marrow bones at the Tuesday market from the vendor that sells chicken, eggs, butter etc. at the corner to the left, when you come in the front door. The broth was fantastic. Pretty easy, just put into my crock pot with water for a few hours.

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Thanks! I will check both Tony's and Los 3 Butchery.

I fondly remember a stand at The Granville Island Market called The Stock Exchange. They sold different types of homemade stock in 1 litre frozen packs. Many, many varieties from beef to seafood. Sure made life easy... and that was in 1984.

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18 minutes ago, Upfront said:

i am curious about availability of such things in guad. the walmarts have a MUCH bigger variety than our little one and they never run out. they have specialty markets and stores everywhere. lakeside is an afterthought for many things

One does not need specialty stores  for making fowl or beef/pork broth around here because there are endless sources. A butcher on every crock[err block!]-SNORK!

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