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711 in Riberas is closing


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We discussed that but I don't think so because I live down the street from both of them. I always see far more cars in the 711 than in the new Oxxo. I'm not watching 100% of the time though. I will say that both of the Oxxo's here in Riberas, are far better stocked and product is presented better than in the 711. I'm sure gonna miss those donuts.

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4 hours ago, Ferret said:

This is what was reported by the young man who walks my dogs this morning. Already getting cleaned out. Wonder what it will be?

Oh no! How will we ever be able to give directions in Riberas with that landmark gone?


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25 minutes ago, Dostortas said:

Just today someone gave me directions from the 7-11.  Back in the day, I remember when it was a house converted into an Italian restaurant for a while...not the yellow one that was Alejandro’s. 😎

No wait...maybe that’s where the Pemex is now.  Oh geez, they were all very close to each other.  Anyone remember Chef Diego had a restaurant there in Riberas?  I think he may have been the very first chef at Number Four when it first opened.  Wow, talk about back in the day 😝 

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On 2/2/2021 at 10:21 AM, Mainecoons said:

The sheer number of Oxxos in and around this area makes me wonder if there is a deliberate strategy to drive out the competition.  Hard for me to believe Riberas justifies two of them within a few blocks of each other.


You're not terribly quick, are you?

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