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free phone calls to Europe using my Telmex landline


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I used to be able to call anywhere in Europe for free using  00+countrycode + phone number from my Telmex landline.  Shortly before Christmas, from one day to another, this service was no longer available, meaning, I would get a busy signal, no matter how often and what time day or night I tried to make my calls.

Has anybody else had the same problem?



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4 minutes ago, Ferret said:

I thought it was 001 + country code + 10 digit number

001 is the code to dial USA   To dial other country from Mexico is 00 + country code + local number


9 minutes ago, Don Anomino said:

I think it depends on the Telmex plan you have.

Calls to Europe are free on the MX$599.00/month plan and higher.

But check with Telmex to know for sure.


It should not matter what plan you have for the ability to make the call.... the plan should only affect if there was a charge for the call 

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It's a mystery.  I know that I am using the correct prefix and country code. My plan has not changed for many years,  and yet I can no longer make those calls that I used to make without any problem.  BMH,  may I ask, when was the last time you called either France or Germany?

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Constance what country are you calling.. ? In france they use a digit that gets dropped when dialing internationally

 for exemple  a French  number will be given as       02 47 45 76 54  but if you dial from a foreign country you dial 00 33 international00 ,   country code 33 and      2 47 45 76 54     so a 9 digit number            

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