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Need Assistance to Eradicate Destructive Ants

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Ants are progressively colonizing my yard space.  Identified activity

area denoted by deposits of soil on top of gravel covered yard.  Need

an exterminator who can use an effective poison and inject into soil.

All powders and other surface treatments have failed.

And please recommend an effective treatment application you have

successfully used.  THANKS very much.


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yes Cedro you are right.. I pour insecticide in their nest at night but then I found some that came from over the wall from my next door neighbor so I called her to see if I could come over to stop those tunnels, she told me know because she had the yard fumigated.. adn I can vouvh it dit nothing. They still are coming over, unless you check the yard every night and pour insecticide down the holes they will continue coming.. they also make new tunnels and repop  in ther places.. hopefully on the street or in the neighnor s yard.. Ye you can win battles but the war will be lost in the long run. THey are particularly bad right now..

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Ortho Fire Ant Killer handles leaf cutters.   Going thru the same problem.  Wiped out most of the mounds but still some refusing to die.    Actually these are granules you apply then drench with water which soaks in and, hopefully, eradicates the Queen.   Mercadolibre.

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The first couple of times the cutter ants stripped my beautiful big jasmine plant down to bare stems overnight I was devastated. Then I noticed that within a few days, it was all leafing out again with fresh, shiny green leaves and within 2 weeks, it looked gorgeous again.

So I just started considering the leaf cutters to be nature's pruners and don't bother trying to fight them anymore. And that jasmine is now 2 stories high and they don't seem to be that interested in it anymore.

There is some 2 sided sticky tape you can buy to put around the main stem of larger plants which insects can't crawl over without getting stuck.

I moved into the ants' territory, rather than the other way round. And I don't spread toxic chemicals around.

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