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Governor Alfaro has spoken


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 New Containment measures from January 16 to 31 (State for the 125 municipalities)

1. * No return to face-to-face classes until further notice *

2. * Work activities that can be applied from home are suspended

3. * Activities that generate accumulation of people are closed

4. * Open or closed public spaces are closed

5. * Social and family activity is restricted *

6. * People over 60 years old must stay home

7. * Trade activities are not closed

* People are asked to stop going out except as necessary *

* Not allowed *
Bars clubs
Government offices
Recreational route
Cinemas theaters
Leisure activities and casinos

* Partial restrictions *
* Self-service shop (1 person)

* Commercial spaces (25%)

* Restaurant (50%)

* Tianguis (only 1 person without minors and without elderly people)

* No social events *

* Churches open without celebrations *

* Continuous Education Table generating and preparing the conditions for as soon as possible to return to face-to-face classes *
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and you cannot go to the tianguis either... talking about thinking in a box... old folks live with relatives and they can do the shopping for them... the ones that do not have family can starve.. ha ha

You cannot go to restaurants if you follow old folks stay home...  well we will tarve but will not die from covid because we are protected..😆

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56 minutes ago, sunshineydays said:

So if gov offices are closed how do you pay your water, taxes and car registration.  Will the discount be extended? If you are over 60 how will these payments be handled?


The notice from Chapala says Government offices with "atenciones de ventanillas" remain open.  Public service windows.   

The discounts for SIMAPA and the Predial are through end of Feb.  These restrictions are thru end of Jan.  

There is also an online portal for the water and tax bills.  



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2 hours ago, bmh said:

How to you go to Chapala to pay even f they are open if over 60´s are supposed to stay home?  I am leaving Jalisco on the 28th, I wonder if I can still get to the airport.. 😀

I'm guessing the odds of you getting stopped or checked are about the same as getting eaten by the lake crocodile :)

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11 hours ago, bmh said:

How to you go to Chapala to pay even f they are open if over 60´s are supposed to stay home?  I am leaving Jalisco on the 28th, I wonder if I can still get to the airport.. 😀

Just go.

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15 hours ago, handfaf said:

This is all well and good but why in the name of sanity is the use of MASKS, used properly  not mandatory?   No one should be allowed on the busses without one or in any shop.  Time to stop this MACHO BS.  

It is my understanding it already is and Spencer's "Panic button'" thread confirms that.

Why do you think not?  Of course getting people to do it is a whole other matter.  

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This just posted on Chapala FB page:

Chapala Jalisco
January 15, 2021.
By the authority concerned, the Malecons Commercial Zone of Chapala will not be closed, we ask all visitors and local to please 🙏 respect the sanitary filters and use mouth covers, this for the purpose that our people can continue to work and be able to carry the livelihood to feed your family 🙏 👪 since Chapala is tourist and fixed jobs in Chapala there is no, that's why our income can only acquire from the visitor, so I ask you to take care of yourself That's how we all take care of ourselves.
Locals in the beach area (Chapala Malecon) are from 10 am to 8 pm.
Visit Chapala Jalisco responsibly so that our people will continue to not lose their source of income, thank you very much 🙏
Follow us on the page:


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19 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

There are no mask requirements. It would be better if ordered because it would hide the pig's lipstick.

I watched and took notes: Alfaro started and ended his 38+-minute press conference saying that these new restrictions are in addition to the sanitary protocols that have not been modified. He listed face masks, social distancing, hand-washing, staying away from crowded or public places, and contacting a health professional should you experience symptoms. 

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Nay be if they enforced the rules that are already in place  , iyt would help.. People are still partying when they come from Guadaljara and Chapala does not do anything about it so covid continues so they want the old folks to stay home when the young ones are the ones propagating it... The part that is pretty sure about this one is that they will not enforce that either.. 

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So many of the usual negative people on here,  There is very little that can’t be done on line these day..,Can’t you just for once pay your bills on line, shop on line.   Take care of yourself, do your part to stop the spread.. So many of you are so worried about what other people do and trying to come up with reasons this lockdown isn’t going to work.  You would feel much better about your life if you tried to think positive thoughts.

                         VIRUS  DON’T TRAVEL, PEOPLE DO 

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7 minutes ago, Bisbee Gal said:

I walked by a couple of restaurants this morning and it's obvious no one is checking age IDs.  I went into a small frutería and same story. 

fyi, the Ajijic malecon and adjacent park are closed. 

This is the reason the virus is spreading.. Did you really have to go out this morning checking up on the restaurants and stores,, and what’s happening at malecon.

What part of “Stay home stop the spread don’t you understand”. ?

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@TelsZ4   Open air exercise is important.  I wear a mask.  I had to walk by 2 restaurants to get to the frutería and can see their tables from street.  I live 1/2 block from the malecon, it is how I normally walk to town.  I walked along the paseo today instead.  

On my walk through town, I never got within 20 feet of anyone.  It was just after 9am.

I needed some food so I went into a fruteria to get 2 items, never got within 6 feet of anyone, other than the cashier; we were both masked and the encounter took appx. 10 seconds as I carry exact change.  

I have not eaten at a restaurant since March (neither inside or out); pre-covid we ate out almost daily.  I have not flown since March; pre-covid we flew every 6-8 weeks.  

The greatest threat of spread is sustained contact with an infected person....most medical experts think at least 10 to 20 minutes.  

I am very careful, but I am not paranoid.  

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