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Topolobampo Ferry--safe area?


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Safe from physical harm from bad players, not from seaworthiness of the ferry itself.   My son wanted to cross into Mexico from AZ in his van a few  years back, and the border agent told him to stay out of that area, that it was way too dangerous to take the ferry. He would not even allow him into Mexico, told him to enter through CA. This time he's on a motorcycle.

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The last time I took that ferry, which must have been about 7-8 years ago, I was standing on deck having a smoke and one of the young deck hands who was standing there did tell me that it was a rough run- lots of truckers who get drunk and cause a disturbance. 

But I was a woman travelling alone and didn't have any issues. I booked a room for the night, and just went to sleep. In the morning around 6 a ferry employee comes around and knocks on the doors to wake people up for the docking.

I've heard Los Mochis can be a rough town, but if you just take the ferry, mind your own business and don't hang around Los Mochis, I don't think there's anything to worry about. There were plenty of normal people and families on that ferry.

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