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Propane fireplace insert service required


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Hi< I'm new to the board so not sure which catagory to post under. We are new to the area and our home and have a Hearth Sense propane fireplace insert that won't stay lit.  It's our first time using it and it came with the home, I'm assuming it's a few years old. Can anyone recommend a place we can take it or a good knowledgable tech who may be able to help? I'll try to upload a couple photos.  

Thank you.




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In Chiapas we have to have the thing fixed every time we show up after a few months because tiny spiders make their nest in the pilote and it has to be cleaned on a regular basis..

Our problem is that it will not light at all so your problem nay be different..The taller that fixesgazapploances on upper colon may be able to help. they fix our gas heaters when they need fixing.

It is the place on the right on colon on the first block north of the carretera on the right handside


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Carlos does speak English and comes to your home to fix the gas problems. He's a very nice guy and very knowledgeable but his concept of "on time" is a little lacking so probably best to contact him via whatsapp (the 333 number). He is (or was) husband to the lady who runs Strom White and usually does all of their gas fireplace installations.

Yes, spiders and other bugs LOVE the smell of the mercapton (sp?) that is put into propane.

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8 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

If your pilot light won't stay lit 90% of the time it is the thermocouple.  Easy do it yourself replacement available at most hardware stores.  Depending on the type you have it should cost about $250MX. 



A Thermocouple.JPG

Many times debris, spider webs, etc get into the pilot of the thermocouple.  To clear this get a straw and blow hard several times on the tip.  This should clear the thermocouple and it will stay lit.  A natural gas employee taught me this trick.

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42 minutes ago, timjwilson said:

Carlos is your guy. He speaks Ingles. We need to clean the thermocouple [sensor/sending unit] every winter with a piece of green scrubbing pad. Also when you open your gas line it can take a long time to reach the unit.

Clean the thermocouple you pay someone to do that?   

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