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Songs for the End of the World

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 This book has been in the works for 8 years and its about the Corona Virus.  Saleema Nawaz is an award winning Canadian author who visited with us here in Ajijic in 2019.  It's interesting to see her take on a situation that is now our reality.  It has a positive ending....Saleema was given the Robert Kroetsch award in 2006 for "The White Dress", later found in her collection"Mother Superior".  Her novel "Bone and Bread" was selected for Canada Reads top 10 in 2016. I'm interested in getting a copy,but its only available from Penguin Random House in Canada and also in a Kindle form.

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8 hours ago, addtocart said:

"in the works for eight years".  Does this mean she knew about the Corona virus seven years before anyone else?

Yes. She became interested in the subject and did extensive research. Corona virus have been around for a long time and have been studied by scientists, but it was just luck that she chose that one to study.  She's a serious author that is well known in Canada.  She is also a good friend of my daughter's, so that's how she came to Ajijic....her only problem is there is some animosity between Canadian and US publishers concerning who promotes the book first. If its Canadians, the US snubs the author. She's still waiting for them to allow a US printing.

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