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Need number or way to chat on messenger with Amazon USA.


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1 hour ago, sciman said:

1 (888) 280-4331 is what I get when I google Amazon Customer Service in U.S. 

You'll need to provide a text message number ot verify your account, but I've had no problem getting through to a person. 

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After you are on the website, scroll down the page until you see "Back to the top". The last item on the list on the right is Help. Click on Help.  Scroll down to Browse Help Topics and click on Need More Help? You will see pop out to the right with three items one of which is Contact. Click on Contact, click on Start Chatting now and follow the instructions.

Once you know how to find it, it is by far the best way to communicate with Amazon. I have had all kinds of issues resolved using Chat.

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I had 2 phone numbers , one for amazon.com in usa and other for amazon.com.mx. Since I bought from the Mexico website I dialed that number.  I asked if someone also spoke English well they transferred me to the usa site. They said no you have to call the Mexico site.  Ok I did again, had trouble with the delivery and the guy said he would call me back.  The guy from the Mexico site did call me back and it was from Seattle    Go figure

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