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Lost puppy/dog Ajijic

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A stray we took in about 6 weeks ago somehow got out of the yard. He has been missing for 36 hours. His name is Jack. He is about 5 months old ..rust colored with black spots. He seems to be a terrier-leopard dog mix.  He is very friendly. We live at Adama 60, tel # 3326227660. Any info etc would be appreciated.  We are hoping he was spotted today, which we would assume means he isnt injured.

Thank you 



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Small world.  We lived in that house for 10 years until 2009!  Follow the directions on this board about finding lost pets.  Get a poster on the gate as well... preferably with a photo.  RECOMPENSA is the operative word here.  Kids (and others) will search high and low.    Also take the photo and go around the neighbourhood. People there are (were) very kind, and will get engaged if you let them.

Many years ago a friend living around the corner lost her cat..  Her poster brought kids to the door in a flash..... they knew where her cat was.  Wrong cat.  Never mind.... follow us... Another location, sure enough --- her cat! 

Kids weren't dumb.  Took the first cat to another foreign neighbour (very few in those days), knocked on the door, and said "we found your cat!".    Wasn't hers, but she kindly accepted it, gave them a reward, and took it to the shelter. 😀

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Natasha gives good advice. Read the post about finding lost pets and get those posters out. There is a local Facebook page for lost and found pets. I don't do FB, but maybe someone can point you in the right direction.

Just a side note. The color pattern of your dog is called brindle. It occurs in many breeds, but your dog looks most like he has some Dutch Shepherd. Beautiful dog, don't give up and good luck.

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