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highest quality saw palmetto and where to get it


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Ok, men...  Where can I get the highest quality saw palmetto lakeside?  It´s too hard for me to get to Guad, so please only answer with store names that are lakeside. 


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3 hours ago, gringohombre said:

The health products guy in the little strip mall just to the east of Telmex. 

He has two products both made by Puritans Pride. Big bottle is 260mg/180 tablets (780 pesos)and small bottle is 450mg/100 tablets (340 pesos).

Note the small bottle is much stronger per pill!!  I use the high dose.


Texican how many mg is the Urogott brand you get??  If you please

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The Urogutt I buy is 160 mg gel cap and is an oil not a powder. I had bought Saw Palmetto at the Health Food store next  to Telemex before and it didn't work as well as the Urogutt. The Urogutt is sold in all the Guadalajara Farmacies in Mexico. I had severe prostrate problems before I found the Urogutt now I take 2 caps a day and it has been gone 6 years. I think I pay about 340 pesos for a box of 30 caps

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3 hours ago, RickS said:

If you don't mind..... what kind of 'severe prostate problems' did you have that the Urogutt gel caps resolved? 

For me it relieves the hurry up and pee feeling that an enlarged prostate causes.  I also take Flomax/Tamsulosina .4mg  daily (prerikusine) in addition to saw palmento 900mg per day, two doses. Using Puritan pride saw palmento not Urogutt.

50% of males over 50 have some kind of Urinary/Prostrate problems. 

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I've had good results for enlarged prostate problems with this product: Prosgutt®

Serenoa repens is the botanical name for saw palmetto: Serenoa (from Wikipedia)

Urtica dioica is the botanical  name for stinging nettle: Urtica dioica (from Wikipedia)

Prosgutt® is made in Germany and was recommended to me by a urologist. Been using it for several years.

About MX$630 pesos for 40 capsules at Farmácia Guadalajara.


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18 hours ago, RickS said:

.... and you can tell a difference when/if you stop the Urogutt and just use Flomax?

i.e.  how does one know if it is the saw palmetto or the Flomax addressing the problem.


Good question. I took flomax at first and added the Saw Palmento on the advice of my Holistic MD. Putting it bluntly the Flomax allows me to pee rather than dribble and the Saw Palmento seems to have shrunk my prostrate.  Note I am not using the Urogutt but the Puritan pride brand.


Lakeside 7 question

As for the question about taking these drugs with a health condition see a doctor or if you are not willing to do at least look up the drugs in the PDR. If you don't know what a PDR is go see the doctor OK.


For all guys

Look I feel so much better after  getting this taken care of.  Go see a Doctor or at the least do some reading. Lots of info out in the Internet. 


Thanks for the info guys on the alternative brands of Saw Palmento.

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On 11/16/2020 at 11:37 PM, MtnMama said:

You are asking a bunch of people on a Web Board????? Please ask your doctor if you have concerns.

Yep, good point there.....the "lower" part is more about testing and seeing what works....but if any health / heart concerns, best to bring the MD into the picture.

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