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Leonid meteor shower


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Does anyone know in which part of the sky the Leonid meteor shower is appearing?  Which time of night is best to view it?

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According to my night sky app they should appear basically overhead here at our lakeside location and around the Leo and Leo minor constellations. Best time to view is supposed to be from midnight to 4AM on Sun, Mon. Lots of night light around here but it is a new moon so at least that won't be working against you:-) 


If you are a star gazer the Night Sky app for your phone is really great:-) 

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I can't find any good info about viewing the Leonids here at this latitude, the pictures are all for northern latitudes.  It's easy to find Orion in the night sky here- almost straight overhead by around 4 a.m.  Where are the Leonids/Leo constellation in relation to  Orion?  Muchismas gracias.

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1 hour ago, Citizen of the World said:

Roca Azul has places with not much artificial light to do starwatching.   it is by the lake.

(2) Roca Azul Cabañas,Acampar, Motor-home y Casa Rodante Club | Facebook

I thought about Roca but the last time I went there I was not allowed into the RV area.  Maybe the common area by the club house allows visitors.



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