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Need propane heater guidance


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I need to replace my old DeLonghi propane space heater. I'd welcome some guidance, as it's been years since I bought one.

On Amazon.com.mx, I'm looking at a Mr. Heater "buddy" model for 3426.78 pesos. But there are a lot of others.

I want a portable propane indoor heater. (I do not want an electric heater.) The heater will be used mostly in my den where the TV is or in my office where my laptop is.

I'd appreciate your comments especially based on personal knowledge and experience with propane heaters.

Buen Fin is coming up and maybe I'll find a bargain. . . .

Thanks, Lexy


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1 hour ago, peteben said:

What's wrong with your existing one? Those things are pretty simple, it might be fixable. I know I had to replace the pressure regulator on mine.

Unless it has been badly damaged somehow, it could be worth looking into.




Yep, one of the great things about living in Mexico is how good they are at fixing things.

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I see my earlier response to Pete, who was the first to recommend a repair, seems to have disappeared. What I posted (or thought I did) was that I looked into a repair some time ago. On this forum I found out that my de Longhi problem was common. The consensus was it wasn't worth the cost as the fix didn't last. That's why I'm looking into getting a new heater, another brand.


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I have both a De Longhi (looks like Darth Vader's helmet) and an Everheat. The Everheat never worked properly from the get go when it was brand new just out of the box and the Camarena shop fixed the coupling. Bada bing.

You won't be cold Lexy because, in a pinch, you can borrow one of mine. I also went to the smaller tanks since the larger ones are too heavy for me now.

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