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Formula for Maids Termination Pay


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When I last did it I found it quite confusing so I got a lawayer to do it. The lawyer even drew up a release for the maid to sign. I liked that as I did not want someone hounding me.  

If you want to do it your self as far as I know Rolly's Mexico is still correct; https://rollybrook.com/employee-pay.htm

Go down to termination pay.

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Rollybrook website is exactly what should be paid.  I have used his site for many of my friends needing to pay their workers as they were returning North for good.  One of my friends had used the same cleaning lady for years, so after I gave him the breakdown he decided to pay her extra.  When the amount was converted to Canadian dollars it was not that much but  was really appreciated.   I have kept the formula on my computer and just a few numbers need to be changed, such as amount paid, years of service.  It calculates even vacation due.  It works great for me.


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