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hot , humid and with streets without trees.. Except for the large avenues and plazas no trees.. It is true in most colonal cities but the majority do not have that kind ofclimate.. We explored it to go and live rather than  spend a week or so and returned   happy we did not live there.

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Merida is a wonderful colonial era city full of charming architecture, plazas, and historical landmarks. It has great restaurants and lots of colorful street life. Within 30 min. to an hour in any direction there are ancient Maya ruins. The only downside I found was that visiting in the summer is prohibitively hot and humid. Best time to go is December-February when the weather is mild and pleasant. I did a series on our visit in my blog "Jim and Carole's Mexico Adventure" https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2012/03/northwest-yucatan-part-1-merida-white.html  This is part one. When you get to the bottom of a page, look for "newer posts" to get to Part 2, and so forth. Enjoy!


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yes it is a wonderful town to visit at the right time of the year.. Visiting and living full time are very different scenarios. We have been there many times. went to the opera . enjoy the food  like to walk arounat night and listen to the music on the plazas. like to go to the beaches on the gulf and visit the runs in the Yucatan, QUintana Roo, Campeche, etc... but we still would not live ther efull time.

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Someone needs to do their research. Most cities in Canada have a lower murder rate than Merida. It has the same murder rate as Toronto. As well, in Mexico, it is estimated 90% of crime is not not reported and only about 2% goes through the justice system, meaning stats have even less value. It reminds me when someone states Ajijic has second best weather in the world.  

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