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Anyone have a Mexican Power of Attorney? they can refer to for simple answer


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I am in the US now and trying to get a Mexican Power of Attorney, Poder Notarial, notarized here at the Mexican consulate in Miami.

The Mexican attorney/notario in Ajijic sent me the "power of attorney" in English.  It is NOT titled Power of Attorney, it begins with "To Whom it May Concern" then it lists my name, etc etc. granting 2 named individuals in Mexico the power to administer the sale of my house in Mexico, and specifically identifies my house and vehicle in legal (English) language.  

I checked 2x with the realtor about this, and she checked with the notario/lawyer there.  First, they said the English version is okay, they will later translate in their office the sealed/notarized English copy to Spanish.  

Second, it seems odd that there is no title other than "To Whom it May Concern," but maybe this is the way it is done in Mexico for specifics events, as this is not a full PoA.

Hate to make that trip to the consulate just to find out this is all wrong. 






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Can powers of attorney be granted abroad and still be valid in Mexico?


Yes.  Those countries that signed the Hague Treaty of 1965 use the Apostille, which is a document affixed to the power of attorney and which certifies the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted and, when applicable, the identity of the seal the document bears of the person before whom the power of attorney was signed, for example, a notary in the United States.

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