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AeroMexico Baggage Transfer & Immigration


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I booked a flight, all on one ticket on AeroMexico, departing Guadalajara, then catching an international flight in Mexico City. I had to call to make the reservation, since I had an “open ticket.” The phone rep informed me I had to collect my checked baggage in Mexico City, then re-check the baggage again in Mexico City for the international segment of my flight.

1. Has this occurred to anyone? I thought all airlines transfer checked baggage to subsequent segments of a flight, if all segments are on the same ticket.

2. Do I go through immigration in Guadalajara or Mexico City (submit paperwork for temporal visa holders, etc.)?

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19 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

What happened before may not happen now.

When you check your baggage in at the GDL airport ask if they will be transferred and check the  baggage tag for your final destination destination.  

There is a service desk only for luggage forwarding, nothing else, as you enter the baggage claim area at the CDMX airport that gives you up to date baggage forwarding status by giving them your boarding pass. If, for some reason, your luggage didn't get forwarded to your next flight they tell you it will be coming down to there and pick it up. My wife obviously doesn't trust airlines so uses this service everytime. It only takes a few minutes.

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Yes, check to make sure the destination on the bag tag is your final destination...they should check it all the way through unless the don't have a baggage agreement with a connecting airline.  Southest, for example has no baggage agreements with other airlines.

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