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Attention Bingolago players
Bingolago starting up again Tuesday NOV 3rd, mark it on your calendar 
We will follow Jalisco's covid rules
Tabled spaced six feet apart, 4 to a table
special tables for hearing impaired, see bingo numbers on tv screen
We can fit about 48 inside and 30 outside on back patio
But we only expect about 40 persons, come early and get a good seat and have lunch.
Please bring a new friend to Bingolago, and get an extra Bingolago card set to play, with purchase of one bingo set
We have new 4 day stay at a condo in Manzanillo, Mexico  its a 3 story at Grand Pacifica as progressive Prize.
Mike and Linda stayed for a week and checked it out with the owners present. ask them about it
The owner's make a looseleaf book with story and picture's for everyone to look at.
We supply the bingo daubers.
Thank you for your donations and support Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Carpentry school during these uncertain times.
We have to get the Bingolago fundraiser going again to pay  to pay rent , salaries, tools etc.
It about the kids, giving them a future.

Nov 3rd 2020 casa cacau chocolate tasting jpeg.jpg

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  • traderspoc changed the title to Chocolate tasting, Bingolago to start up again Tuesday Nov 3rd 1PM, we will follow all Jalisco covid 19 rules, tables 6ft apart

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