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2 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

This helps people in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara how?

I posted the post below here first yesterday [my 15 years of experience of recieving yearly flu vaccinations in Mexico from their socialized medicine system] but was incorrect about when the seasonal flu vaccines might be available this year, so I posted the second one correcting [adding new info.] my first post with this year's experience of recieving my free seasonal flu vaccination at an INSABI clinic today - the post you are complaining about.

On 9/27/2020 at 3:25 PM, AlanMexicali said:

I have been getting yearly flu vaccinations in Mexico since 2005 at their IMMS, Seguro Popular and ISSSTE and it was available on the first week of Nov. and once in a while on the second week. Your GP is probably going to be correct unless something has changed this year because of Covid-19 or the new government screws up.


4 hours ago, AlanMexicali said:

We just got our seasonal flu vaccination this afternoon at the extra large INSABI clinic in downtown. Now available for Secretaria de Salud employees and their close family/children starting today in San Luis Potosí.



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On 9/26/2020 at 9:34 AM, addtocart said:

Seems like if you have been doing everything you can to avoid COVID, you wouldn't catch the flu.

I would not bet on that one, the coming flu season might be tougher than the previous one.

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