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Molecular RT-PCR Test


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There was an article a few days ago in WaPo about Hawaii's requirement for Covid testing for visitors who want to avoid mandated quarantines. They require a specific test and the test must be performed by a lab with specific certifications. 

The OP may want to check their destination's exact requirements, especially if lab certification is part of the requirement.  

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I am VERY familiar with the Hawaii requirements - to the point of a nervous breakdown- but they really don't know much at the state of county level for tourists coming from foreign countries!  I'm just looking all over the Jalisco websites without much luck finding someone who is even familiar with this test, let alone a lab that can do it.  Hoping to find a lab that is willing to order in the test, at my expense.  Need it done within 30 days.

Any and all ideas or help is certainly welcome!!!!  TIA

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