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Seek notary in San Juan Cosala/Jocotepec.


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I'm looking for notary in SJC or Jocotepec. Not sure anyone is operating out of those communities. But please don't recommend anyone in Chapala. Got the runaround from 3. Not returning there. Thank you aheadnof time for phone numbers and locations. I speak enough Spanish so no problem with that.

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Cedros: I just found him on the web and waiting to call him at 5pm when he opens.

Al Berca: I found Adriana Villasenor Pujol on corner of Villa Nova entrance. quoted 1200. (other quotes in past include 600, 800, 800, and "not much". Plus you need an apointment -late Sept. Not saying it isnt good. 

Had a private message from someone about using E-notary. May explore further if I must. 

Explored on Street going up mountain side across from Sunrise Restaurant. There is a sign on the door that lays out the requirements to even getting in there. hoop jumping paradise. No one would answer the door. One thing is positive. They have very very strict protocols. 

Since I only need a signature, I'm hoping to run into same day, easy peasy, moderate price transaction. Signature on car title duplicate application.US titled.

thanks for all your help and input.


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Outcome excellent with Juan Carlos Lopez Jara-Notaria on the plaza of Jocotepec to the left and upstairs of the president's building. Fast, efficient, supportive easy and only 500 pesos. Thanks for all who helped and gave suggestions.

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