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Does anyone know, from direct experience or from indirect accounts, if workers ever solicit or demand bribes during the naturalization exam?

I've read several stories about the difficulty level of the history exam, with lots of people unable to pass on the first try, yet there are no corresponding tales of bribery. I'm not saying I always expect corruption from Mexico, but human nature suggests that some enterprising soul would decide that he or she could enrich himself from this situation...also, how does the test taker know that s/he genuinely passed or failed?

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I've never heard of them directly soliciting a bribe either, but I don't doubt that there are lawyers or facilitators who can make things go more smoothly.

In my experience taking the test, it was done in the office of a higher ranking official, the "subdelegado" I believe, not with the same front-line workers who checked all of the other paperwork. They are federal officials and probably aren't going to straight-up ask you for a few hundred pesos or something like a municipal traffic cop. If anything shady is going on, is probably going to be through lawyers offering "expedited" services.



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