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There is a fellow named Rich who has been doing Firesticks for several months now.  He has reprogrammed several of Derek's old fire sticks.  He is quite good at it and installs a number of apps.  He did ours and we are very happy with it. -- We get all the news channels, lots of movies, TV shows, etc.  In fact we are thinking of cancelling Netflix as we get so much on the Firestick for free. His phone number is 332 051 2398. 

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An excellent resource is troypoint.com. I get emails and updates on what is working. There are excellent instructions and videos for cord-cutters. The apps for movies and TV can vary in how they are working and the updates I receive are extremely helpful. I bought a Firestick years ago and then I paid Derek to install some apps. But when they stopped working I stumbled onto Troypoint and now it is easy to keep things updated.

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10 minutes ago, handfaf said:

If only someone could find a way to stop the #$%^&*()buffering.

In general, if you have buffering on Netflix, Youtube or Hulu then the problem is likely your internet service is too slow or it maybe that you have an original Firestick; a Firestick 4K may solve your problem. If you don't have buffering problems on Netflix or Youtube but have buffering on IPTV then the problem is likely your IPTV source.

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