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I did a roofing project last year at my house to replacing an old tile roof over the terrazzo.  Very similar design to the pic above.   I used 4' x 8' x 8mm. Cempanel and screwed it directly onto the steel 1' x 2" purlins that the old tile roof was wired to with countersinking self tapping screws. On  my roof the purlins were on a 30 cm. spacing.

Bottom line, it didn't work out too well.  The Cempanel seems to have a lot of expansion/contraction due to the changes in temperature.  Eventually it developed cracks.  The fix was to mount the panels with an approx. 1/4" gap and insert a foam bead into the opening.  Then caulk with a highly flexible urethane sealer such as Sikaflex.  Then apply a white impermabilizante  of high quality such as the Fester 12 yr. stuff (not cheap) that has fibers in it for strength, allows for maximum stretch and reflects the sunlight to keep the heat down.  Seems to be good so far but I am only about a year into it.  If I were doing another roof, I would use a thicker Cempanel - there are both 10 mm. and 12 mm. options available.

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