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Glad that Volaris is still financially stable. We used to often fly them from Guadalajara to Chicago and LA, but have not for several years because of their now terrible web page for booking flights  What was once a simple online flight booking procedure now just stinks. Have not flown them in about 3 years!

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12 hours ago, cedros said:

I wonder if Volaris will survive.

The smart ones survive..it is called filing for bankruptcy..and a dog by a new name will emerge...mind you if they have to navigate through their own web page it will be difficult to find, "How to file for Bankruptcy"......a terrible web page . AeroMexico is still operating but has filed . Gosh I hope we do not loose any of the current airlines that serve GDL 

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I had a near death experience (joking) with Volaris recently.  They gave me a voucher from a Covid cancelled trip to NY.  $8500 MXN good until Oct 15.  So I go to redeem  it, site says no good.  I followed the instructions carefully no good.  Tried to get an agent.  Impossible.  Finally went to their FB page and complained LOUDLY.  Fraud, crooks..  My voucher was about to expire. 

It has a happy ending.  Someone said you must contact "Sandra" at Boletos Aeropuerto,  +526646572865, on Whatsapp.  Nothing to lose at that point so I did.  She fixed it in a heartbeat.  Volaris told her it had expired too (actually there was one day left).  She had me call a number and said I must insist, I did, they reissued, she reticket, paid everything out of the voucher. 

If you have to deal with Volaris you can save a lot of gray hairs working through Sandra.  She's in Tijuana.



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Booked with Volaris many times on their website. Easy for me... why use a third party? Plus... yes there are special savings codes only on their website. 

Just priced a Volaris ticket on Expedia $145.99  on Volaris website $134.76   

Why pay Expedia???   and then  after you buy they send you to the Volaris website to select seats or add bags. 

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My experience with the Volaris website, having used it probably 10 times in the last few years to book and many more to 'just look', is that 'internal maneuvering' is very poor when using the English portal. It seems to frequently get lost or just forget where one was if one does a fair amount of 'dancing around' looking. This should NOT happen on a professional airlines.... and I use that term loosely.... website.  If one just goes in to book a "known date" and get out it seems to work OK for me. 

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