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Sadly many of the follow roads in Chapala are again in need of repair . So for the first two roads its like pouring money into a big dark hole ......a cosmetic fix until the next rainy season

Hidalgo. Driving East into Chapala from Ajijic.... I guess because of the underling subsoil, issues, the surface past Farmica Guadalajara to the light light is crumbling. So after months/years of suffering the consequences of the bike path addition, it looks like more money and disruption is needed to prevent that stretch becoming just a track of rock and mud. I guess you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow ear

Madero. Going North from the lights Is becoming a switchback ride as the subsoil is moving and the interlock bricks collapse 

Cristiania. The section North of the tennis courts is not paved and after the recent rain is swimming in the overflow from the sewerage plant. Going into the IMSS is a danger to your heath after wading through the stinky water. It would "only" take a few loads of small stones in front of the clinic to make a reasonable dry road..but what the hell only a few new case of hepatitis to add to the pandemic issue

Whilst not having as many pot holes as the  streets in Ajijic,, most of the East West streets are pretty "rough". So  the Ajijic residents may grumble ( rightly so) about their road condition, Chapala is also lacking serious maintenance issues.

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Not sure these days but in years past the sidewalks were the responsibility of the property owner.  That's why they are all so different.   Also the same property owner or resident was responsible for keeping weeds, trash, loose rocks, etc. cleaned up to the middle of their street and over to the property lines.  I'm pretty sure the same rules apply today but nobody does it and nobody enforces the rules either which is why nobody does it much anymore.  Alan

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Yes ths is typical of this area.. no one seems to be out n the morning wahng the sde walks lke people do in so many town and yes they do fix sidewalks in other comunties.. here no one wants to do anythng, they do not even respect the garbage tradton followed n so many towns, the garbage only goes out when yo hear the bell, here they dump pn the strret every day at whatever hour and wash ther hands from t and no one says anything..so the streets look like the dump.

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Leaving my friends a few weeks ago from mezcala towards lake chapala... one after the other vehicle had flat tires...

I guess it was from the large potholes... a few days later i went towards focasios restaurant and saw the local man that fills the pot holes for a propina (tip) from motorists..

I asked him if he would go pass the milk factory quite a distance.. he said yes..  i asked him if i could show him the large holes and off we went....


Having showed him... i dropped him off and told him i dont live in this area of town..  so i gave him 200.00 pesos to motivate him.. 

Next day i was curious and drove that way a d he was there.. filling the holes.

Sure its temporary fix but you would not want to encounter a flat tire :)

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