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Bavarian soft pretzels-yeehaa!


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Next batch Friday Aug.28,1-4 for pickup. Must pre-order on their FB page. From the looks of things, orders are going to go over 100 units. Don't be afraid to bulk order the traditional salted. I froze some with my bagging gadget  and they were as good as fresh when thawed. Baggies work too but NEVER vacuum seal them if you use a gadget.

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5 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

I hate to inform you, but yes, you will be buying baggies in the future, just of a different sort. ;)


The point is in regards to all of the recent hand ringing about not being able to find BAGGIES on the shelf anywhere. I have rolls and rolls of packaging material to play with and for less than BAGGIES and 2 ways of packaging with them.

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