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Kudos to Gualberto and Omar

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I know his info was posted some time ago, and SO glad I copied it down. My washer refused to "agitate" yesterday and with 8 years under its belt, was not surprised.  Called Gualberto.  He agreed to come right over (oh no, señora, no extra charge to come today ---Saturday) since I told him I  have to go to Guad on Monday.

He and son Omar showed up in less than an hour (Chapala to SAT) and quickly diagnosed problem as being a "little plastic part" under the base of the agitator post.  No big deal and he can get it and come back Monday when I get back from the city. 

While he was here, I asked about  2 cycles that have never worked since I bought the (new) machine, and was always too lazy to check while under warranty so you know how much I cared.  This would be a much more expensive repair as the whole electronic  "unit" behind the selector dial would need replacing.  We both agreed if I haven't needed them in 8 years I can live without them for a lot longer!

Refused any money.... "oh no señora, you only pay when I am done". And was very honest and up-front with me when some might have tried to take advantage and find something much more expensive to fix. VERY pleased and want to give him lots of praise for initiative and prompt service.

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