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Walked the dog on malecon 8:30 am.   Saw about 25 gringos and a out 40 Mexicans.  None in groups more than 3, all walking.  90% gringos wore masks and correctly,  about 35% of Mexicans had masks on in any manner.  Probably not significant in a statistics class, but subjectively very notable.

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It varies day to day, hour to hour.  I walk a few miles a day in Ajijic.  Some days mask usage is pretty good; other days, abysmal.  Sometimes it's great on the malecon, but awful in town; the next day it could be the exact opposite.  

I stay off the malecon on weekend afternoons and have for years, it's always been too crowded for me.  Weekend mornings are pretty good, before 9.  

I live near some Tapatio homes; they are here full-force for the summer, not just weekends.  And homes that typically hosted family groups of 4 to 6, have expanded to larger groups this summer.  There are also a lot of day-trippers on weekends; they come out for a walk along the lake and a meal now that the eateries are open for seating.  

What I hear from people who have been to Guadalajara recently is that the level of mask wearing there is quite high. But the Tapatios I see here in Ajijic have a worse mask-wearing % than the locals, both gringo and Mexican.

Evidently the Tapatios view Lakeside as "safe" (our numbers are quite low compared to Guad) so they don't feel a need for masks.   Or, perhaps like many people who are on vacation, they just don't act the same as they would on their home turf.

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