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Change to quarantine restriction in Chapala?

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Hi everyone 🙂

I heard there was a recent change to the quarantine restrictions in Chapala. So, am interested in finding any official or semi-official announcement that confirms this; namely that everyone including those 'high risk' are allowed to go out now (provided they wear a mask). If you read something similar, please let me know. 

Thanks so much!





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Businesses etc are opening up; You never were confined to home; Everyone should wear a mask when in public; some businesses will not permit you in their establishment unless you are wearing a mask.

Found this:


Best advice from a Covid doctor who had Covid: "Please, please, stay home if you can. If you need to go out, WEAR A MASK! Do not touch your face. Wash your hands and sanitize often. I can't promise you won't end up in the hospital with COVID even if you do all of these things, but I promise it's the best shot you've got."

FROM OUR GOVERNOR (posted June 29)
“Pay close attention to Jalisco #COVID19 Semaphores and national rates.

At the federal level we are in orange and our hospital capacity is at 25.9 %, that allows us to continue with the gradual reopening of our economy because people can't stand anymore without working, but we are still in the phase of individual responsibility.

We are the third state with the lowest rate of accumulated cases, the fifth with the lowest active cases and the seventh with the lowest mortality rate. But mobility of people is still on the edge of green and that's a big risk because infections and deaths are on the rise.

This is serious. In Jalisco we already regret 620 deaths due to #COVID19 620 families who lost a member to this virus that remains active and puts your life at risk and that of those who you love most. We cannot loosen up.

If you have to go out, you'll find what you need, but take care of yourself with all the healing measures and #ReturnHome."

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