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On 6/19/2020 at 11:26 AM, Jeanneboo said:

Can anyone suggest where I can find sweet and hot Italian sausage?  Thanks.

The response to your opening post from: TechnoNorm, kam, slainte39, gringohombre and Ian Greenwood are each intended to tell you that Lilifher Deli which is located in Ajijic on the west side of Colon (#19).  This would be on one's right as they head south towards the lake, about 30 to 35 yards south of Hidalgo.  Their hot Italian sausage is excellent and is usually always available frozen.  Over the years this product has proven to be consistently better than any of the "Italian" sausage products we've obtained at various vendors in Guadalajara.  Today we make our own hot Italian sausage with the intended usage being Italian pasta sauces such as Bolognese and, of course pizza toppings.

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On 6/19/2020 at 6:32 PM, gringohombre said:

That deli would be on the west side just down from Bancomer. Has some great sharp cheddar cheese there also. Traditional Mexican cheese just does not do it for me.  

Mexican cheeses are pretty blah.

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1 hour ago, Upfront said:

tha tneither of you has an appreciation for the abundant varieties and flavours of magnificnt mexican cheeses

As a whole i find real Mexican cuisine quite amazing and diverse. I am particularly attracted to the chili and more spicy dishes. Most of my American and Canadian friends steer away from this and stick to the less spicy entrees. However, as I said on my post here, I find most of the so called "traditional Mexican" cheeses here quite bland. However i am always exploring and happened on this deli and stated my preference of a sharp cheddar to the owner. He produced a small sample and BINGO, I have been a regular customer ever since. This is a Mexican cheese, coming from the city of Querétaro, a beautiful colonial college town with amazing architecture and parks that I have visited many times. Who knew? There is also a brand that you can find at Walmart named Navarro that has a cheddar anejo and queso Cotija Anejo that is quite good but a little expensive. So there are some good cheese here (to my taste...not bland) but you have to look for it. So I hope that this takes some of your sadness away.

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16 minutes ago, Upfront said:

no. mexicans generally dont like cheddar. cheddar is not mexican. there are dozens of varieties and flavors of mexican cheese that add magic to many, many different types fo dish. so sad for you t blindly disregard

Please...I am just stating MY preference and I am sure many expats here also. I LOVE Mexico and its exqusite cuisine. For instance one of my favorite dishes is the chile relleno de queso. Now, that is a very spicy chile with the somewhat bland white Mexican cheese inside...good, because there is some contrast. However, as some of us like to eat plain cheese and crackers, we prefer a more SHARP cheese. The one I found at that deli IS Mexican, but my point is that this is rare and I wanted to make others aware of it. Do I make my point? Please, don't be sad!

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