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15 hours ago, johanson said:

Although I have not made reservations, American Airlines and Expedia both show that the flight between here and Seattle with a 2 hour stopover in I believe Dallas/Fort Worth, is still scheduled. But I am a little worried. I figure this is the best time to go north because the Corona virus rate is going down up there, and it could be about time to go up down here.  (I always go up at about this time of the year).

It probably is a good time to go. You have reservations but have you paid. It would be fairer if you could pay after the flight. Too many airlines have been booking flights, taking your money and then cancelling the flight.

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 Here are facts published by verifiable sources. Not Twitter, Snapchat,  Facebook etc.

El Informator newspaper

Jalisco has re-organized all the hospitals in the greater GDL area. When a patient presents with covid they are transferred to one of the hospitals with space allotted specifically for covid patients. There are also installations in parking lots with temporary hospital space for covid patients.

According to Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico as of yesterday  Zapopan has 36 active cases, Guadalajara 120 active, Tonola 31 active, Tlaquepaque 37 active, El Salto 22, Tlajomulco 26., Ixtlahuacan 1 That is a total of 275 active cases. Jalisco has reported that 70% or more of the cases are quarantined in their home. That leaves under 60 needing a hospital bed. Not all require an ICU bed.


 Published May 25 in the Guadalajara Diario newspaper about just one hospital :

The General University Hospital of Guadalajara "is holding up well" and has expanded its capacity to 400 beds, of which some 350 are exclusively enabled for coronavirus infection. This was transmitted today in a voice file by the director of the Integrated Area of Guadalajara, Antonio Sanz Villaverde, who confirmed that on Saturday they expect to triple the number of ICU places until they have 35 available positions, coinciding with the highest point of the disease that is expected soon. .

So one hospital alone has enough beds available as of yesterday for every active case in the Guadalajara area. 


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Is this "degeneration" being discussed by the resident degenerates, as seems to be the case. But then, I find that I am also degenerating as time passes.  So, it is true: "We are all in this together, or in the same boat".  

Watched "Titanic" again last night........It ended the same way as before.

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From Laguna newspaper in Chapala

"If there was a confirmed case in Chapala, I would be the first to further intensify the isolation, I would be the first to go out and say what is happening because my interest is to take care of people," said the Municipal President, Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar. 

The statements were made after a doctor from the town of Ajijic shared -through her social networks- a statement that is not endorsed by the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ), an agency accredited to provide this type of information.

"Around Ajijic there was a doctor who wanted to create panic and who has said and manifested on more than one occasion that she knows that there are infected and I invite the population not to create gossip and not to create unofficial statements, that they The only thing they want is prominence ”, refuted the mayor. 

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21 hours ago, kam said:

Why is it I smell the scent of one of the recently tossed here?

I know that feeling, I used to think I was being followed by my ex husband but then I realized it was some other guy with a glass eye and a machete...also maybe a teeny bit of paranoia on my part.

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Mexico overstating lethality of CV?



Mexico is overestimating the lethality due to coronavirus COVID-19 , acknowledged the undersecretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez , who added that each nation maintains a different model of epidemiological surveillance.

"In Mexico we are not counting all the cases, to know the lethality you must know the number of people who have died and of the people who have the disease, that is not present 100% , we are overestimating the lethality in Mexico, something of the that we are aware and will be able to monitor whether the case fatality changes or not, but knowing that it is not comparable with any country, "he said.

He added that each country has a different methodology to address epidemiological surveillance, in the case of the Mexican Republic minor cases are not being accounted for, the official explained.

"There is a desire to have numbers, as if by themselves they represented what is important to document a phenomenon like this, but numbers are the minimum statistic that allows us to learn about something complex like this pandemic," he said.


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