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2 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

Why not just ignore posters and threads you don't like?

Very easy on this board.

I meant for you to "ignore posters and threads" you don't agree with, not constantly attacking them or not allowing them post here again. I like some of the very intelligent posters.

"Very easy on this board." to ignore people. Why not take your own advice?

Still appreciate your work being a mod, or anyone mods. 

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I sent a thank you note to Moderator 3 with a copy to Moderator 2 after he closed my last thread. I will share that with you below, and I respect his authority 100%


I have seen many posts similar to mine, people simply making a post as if if talking to a group of "friends" at a party. Basically, I made a comment and said what I thought. 

I have received many supportive PMs on my posts and told to ignore those who have a need to bash someone.

Anyway, I get your point, and I'm sure there are a few people here that will give you accolades for basically putting me down.  I'm sorry I couldn't reply online, though if I did, no doubt I would have been banned.

If I can help someone and answer a question, I will, in as very few words as possible, and w/o personal thoughts.I will only ask questions if I have researched almost everyplace else, and then I still may not.

Best of health in these times.


You may share my response to you if you choose.



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I'm going to tell those of you who are attacking this member once again:  Use the ignore feature and avoid any threads he may start if you don't care to read what he posts.  Stop trying to suppress the rights of others to participate here within the rules.

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